3 it skills

3 top IT skills decides your IT career for next 5 years

Three IT skills you really need to continue your career in IT. I have collected from multiple sources. The list has divided skills in 3 modes.

top it skills


  • Digital skills


  • Cloud computing


  • Internet of things

Apart from the above Cyber security is next required IT skill

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Money top mantra to attract it Altucher


We need money to pay the bills. I get it. We need money to support our families. We need stability.

I get it. I get it. All my life. All my fucking life. I’ve been worried about money. I’m so sick and tired of it.

My parents went broke. I paid for every dime of my college and graduate school.

I moved to NYC with a single garbage bag with an outfit or two in it and lived in a one room apartment with a roommate.

But worrying about money never made me money.

The ONLY times I’ve ever made any money was when I solved someone else’s problem, communicated my ability to solve it for them, and got paid for it.

Look around you. Your friends, your colleagues, your bosses, other companies. Everyone needs help. And if you are at the right place and the right time, then some of those people will pay you to help them solve a problem. Not always (so you can’t be. disappointed) but sometimes.

Right place, right time, right solution, right communication, right execution, right pay. Then repeat.

That’s a business. That’s an income stream. Then make more.

It’s so hard. And it’s EVERY. DAY. the stress of making money. But I won’t worry about it. When I worry, I’m going to look around, solve a problem, communicate, execute, get paid. Read more @ Altucher blog

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Awesome way to save from Salary

One of the my favorite ways to save is by selecting how much money I want to save each month and have it automatically withdrawn from my paycheck.



  • I prefer this method because the money I want to save is gone before I even have a chance to spend it.
  • If you need a starting point, try withdrawing 2 percent or 3 percent of your income and then start adding another percent each year.