Appraisals-Learn to get Income from it

Employed people vs Self employed people-learn both  how they increase income.

Learn Secrets 

If you are self-employed, then creating more value will
automatically translate into higher profits & income. However, as
an employee, tripling the value you create is no use unless it
translates into a higher price tag.

Do not expect to get a promotion or a raise automatically. If
bosses can help it, they would rather pay you much less than what
you are worth. Most of the time, you must be proactive and ask for
a raise.

However, before you ask for double your pay, ensure that you have
at least tripled your value! So you can be sure that if the answer
is no, there will be a dozen headhunters waiting to pay you what
you are now worth!

Once you have created tremendous value, you can…

1) Ask for a pay increase
Again, be confident that you are more than worth the increase!

2) Ask for a promotion & pay increase
When you have demonstrated that you can create more profits, they
will be happy to give you a senior management position

3) Ask for profit sharing
If you are a value creator, you can confidently ask for this.

4) Ask for variable compensation
People who prefer a fixed salary are generally those who are not
confident about how much they are really worth. The trouble is, a
fixed pay has got no upside. If you have the drive and confidence
to create value, ask for a higher performance based compensation
(even if it means a lower basic pay). Then you know that you have a
huge upside.

5) Ask for stock or partnership
Again, once shareholders can see that you are a value creator, they
will want to do what it takes to keep you by giving you ownership.

There you have it. 5 ways to immediately translate your value into
more income. But what if the company you’re working for refuses to
pay what you’re worth?

Then leave! Because there are others out there you will pay
handsomely for people who create tremendous value. Remember, your
income will always reflect the amount of value you create. Start
creating more value now!

To Your Success, Learn Secrets 


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