Cash Flow Ideas (4 of 5)

I am just writing an interesting thing. Just read on…

Everyone can start this with little amount. Before you start improving your millionaire mindset (millionaires are not wealthy in their initial stage, but how they earned abandon money, only with their mindset, So financial knowledge is crucial to become rich). Save some amount every month, little by little from your salary or your small business.

Think an idea (business/sales/marketing) to get passive income from that amount (it is just out of your regular work- For example use your passion), as below:

Jan-2012——>   Rs 1000

Feb-12———> Rs 2000

March 12——> Rs 3000

April 12——> Rs 4000

May 12——> Rs 5000

June 12 —–>  Rs 6000


. and so on

Dec 12——> Rs 12000

If you properly use your financial knowledge, your passive income will raise to Rs 12000. Just make a goal and do this. It is just an idea. For more ideas, and to come out from rat race, read here.


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