Secrets of Millionaire Investors

I am extensively searching to provide some good book, for you, how millionaire investors follow to make their money on investing….just read on

Secretes of Millionaire Investors     [please donot click on unless you have desire.]

1. Basic principles of how the stock market works, and how to work the stock market successfully, including such gems as how to make sure you get out early if you picked the wrong stock without getting burned too badly.

2. In a chapter, called “The Idiot Proof Way To Making Money” the authors explain the first and most basic system for making money in stocks. They argue that with the information they provide, it’s possible to achieve just about risk-free annual returns. The only “skill” you need is patience.

Have you ever been at those teaser investment seminars, where they tell you about surefire ways to make money in the stock market and show you some fancy charts that they say will tell you exactly when to buy and sell and so on? I have. And then they say that we’d get all the info we need to actually apply this information if we bought into their $5000 or so program.

Reading this chapter brought back those memories because all the charts they showed (and many more) are right here in this book, starting with this chapter. The difference: They’re explained in so much detail that you can actually apply that knowledge. That’s when I really started to pay attention. This was good stuff.

It teaches you how to buy, how to sell, when to buy and sell, and so much more. The “more” is key, of course. If you did just the idiot proof techniques, you could make a nice chunk of change, but it would probably be hard to become really wealthy that way. That’s why the authors added many ways to turbo-charge the process. And, something very important, especially when the economy goes through challenging times – they’ve provided plenty of ways to make money no matter what the economy does.

The next chapter is about Value Investing, Warren Buffett’s secret. But this goes way beyond the kind of information you can buy at a regular bookstore. And one of the key skills you learn in this chapter: How to evaluate a business and the potential of its stock – in great depth! Worksheets are provided.

Next, something really cool: “Momentum Investing.” I must admit that I had never even heard of that before. The idea is that you catch stocks that are about they take off and rise in value so quickly that most other people don’t catch on till they have to buy them at a premium. Many detailed charts and instructions help you to figure out which stocks are good candidates, and how to catch them just before they hit it big.


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