Passive Income Biz Idea

You may think that you will learn business ideas from books. But it is totally wrong. Business idea is the combinations of Passion + Problem of others.

Recently, I met a person. His duty is he is a self-employed, supply groceries for small hotels. In his network I find 40 shops are there. So, he has connections with 40×5=200 people. I asked him, how long he is doing. He said 10 years. He said, he earned some money, with some money he bought a plot. That value now increased multiple times. But, his business is in the same position.

 I asked, why do not improve your business. He said, I do not know any other, I know only this biz.

The idea is we can take ‘On-line payment’ connection. So we can help all the hotel owners and helpers to get their bills fulfilled on-time. If appoint one girl/boy at home, who knows computer. Then, he can earn extra money with these connections.

More I will give in my next post. Do not stop here, read more.


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