Computer Skills for extra income top story

Whether you’re an expert at Windows or Linux, desktop publishing or Web research, HTML or word processing, you can help anyone enhance their computer skills.

In addition to this once your teaching skills improve, surely you will get a good job with awesome package.

Start promoting your computer-training services by teaching classes through organizations in your community which offer adult education courses.


Mobile ice cream to get part time income

There are many occasions people do available as groups in front of marriage occasions, schools, exam centers, and many other places. 

Here the business opportunity is sale of ice creams and water bottles.

A mobile vehicle with water and ice cream really an income source.

  • At discount price you can do lot of business
  • Care must be taken only quality items to be sold
  • Keeping parcel items really satisfy customer, and they can buy more.

Alternative health care service to earn awesome money

Do you want to start a business-related alternative to health care, but you lack skills or experience in the industry?

You can still be part of the multibillion-dollar booming alternative health-care industry simply by starting an alternative health care center.

How to start business

Start by leasing a large professional office space and subdivide the space into smaller offices for alternative practitioners to lease and, in effect, form an alternative health-care center.

Attracting health care practitioners to sublease the smaller individual offices should be no problem, providing you offer services such as a centralized receptionist, parcel shipping, central record keeping and additional services that the practitioners would typically require for the operation of their alternative health-care services.

What are different Alternate Health Care Service

The alternative health-care services housed within the center could include massage therapy, aromatherapy, herbal medicines and any other alternative health-care service that is available. [Ref: here]